Partnership will allow TravelgateX & DCS Plus´ connected customers to increase hotel booking profitability by 36% on average.

Haifa, Israel: Pruvo announced 2 new partnerships with Euro-based travel technology companies, TravelgateX and DCS Plus. These partnerships will allow the connected customers of both platforms, such as OTAs, travel agencies and hotel wholesalers to access Pruvo’s “Repricing” service directly from TravelgateX´s & DCS Plus’ platforms and increase hotel booking profits after they already sold the reservation.
“In these unprecedented times for the tourism sector, it is important to provide technological solutions that can help confront the situation and maximize travel companies´ profit margin for each hotel reservation,” says Doron Nadivi, CCO of Pruvo. “We are excited about these partnerships since this allows hundreds of travel companies connected to TravelgateX and DCS Plus to increase their hotel booking profitability by 36% on average using Pruvo Revenue Maker, without having to invest any resources in the integration process.”
“In times like these, we must do everything we can to bring business to our customers and to make sure they remain profitable” says Andrei Savin, Director of Alliances and Partnerships at DCS Plus. “DCS Plus and Pruvo have signed a partnership agreement that will deliver just that: extra revenue for our common customers.”

“Pruvo and TravelgateX are two different, but complementary businesses” say top executives of TravelgateX. “With this partnership, OTAS, travel agencies and wholesalers will be able to take advantage to increase their profitability and generate additional profits”.
The benefits of this new partnership for TravelgateX & DCS Plus’ customers include:

• Increasing hotel booking profits by 36% on average, risk free!
• Zero setup costs since all integration is directly between Pruvo and each platform.
• Generate new hotel sales using Pruvo Revenue Maker.