Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam — EloQ Communications, a leading PR and marketing agency in Vietnam, has developed a professional blog specializing in examine modern communications methods of the 4.0 era. On the blog’s 100th-post anniversary, EloQ now accepts contributors’ submissions in order to provide readers with more diversified content, and create a platform for insightful and one-of-a-kind communications ideas to be shared on a greater scale.

Since its official launch in 2018, EloQ’s Blog has been introducing a number of highly-informative, up-to-date articles that probe into the contemporary concerns of PR professionals. Prominent examples include: “Brand storyteller: Copywriter in the digital age”, the three-part series “Crisis 101: How to develop a social media crisis management plan”, “The competition of e-wallet: 2020 will be tougher than ever”, etc. Especially amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, EloQ Communications has proactively initiated a series of articles that analyzes valuable communications methods during the social distancing period.

Up until now, the number of articles has hit the 100th benchmark, marking a milestone in EloQ Communications’ continuous efforts to help the community understand about the communications industry and its related aspects. With its bilingual English-Vietnamese content, EloQ’ s Blog is attracting an international readership with thousands of viewings per day.

Wanting to encourage mutual development and create a platform to help deepen the knowledge of PR practitioners, EloQ Communications officially accepts writing submissions related to the field of marketing communications from content contributors starting May 2020 to feature new viewpoints and perspectives on the blog. This is an opportunity for individual to expose their works to a wider scope of audience, in addition to the existing exposure gained from their personal websites.

To have their works featured on EloQ’s Blog, writers only need to send their submissions to release@eloqasia.com. The process of reviewing and posting is entirely transparent. EloQ evaluates the content based on two primary criteria: authenticity and values to readers. The work must be original, without traces of copying or plagiarism from other sources. Likewise, the statistics and citations within the work must be up-to-date and from trustworthy sources. Another crucial criterion that contributors should keep in mind is new and trendy topics would be prioritized for publication.

Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, Managing Director of EloQ Communications, said: “The 100th article is a memorable milestone to recognize EloQ’s collective efforts in sharing our field knowledge in the communications industry, and we take pride in this landmark. Looking forward, EloQ wants to introduce more objective viewpoints on our blog. Hence, we decided to open doors to community contributors to diversify our content for the audience.”

As a member of the The Public Relations and Communications Association Southeast Asia (PRCA SEA) and the GlobalCom Public Relations Network (GCPR), the EloQ team is committed to the tenets of transparency and truthfulness in executing communications activities in Vietnam, and is step-by-step proving its ability in coordinating and provide support for a diversified clientele on a regional scale. Up to date, the agency has been working with overseas companies doing business in Vietnam, including such diverse clients from more than 30 cities and regions, including companies in the Fortune 500 list, multinational and local entities.

About EloQ Communications
EloQ Communications is an independent communications agency which acts as the eyes, ears, and voice of its clients in the Vietnamese market. Combining local expertise with a global perspective, EloQ works with foreign and Vietnamese companies of all sizes and industries to enhance their images and extend their reach in the Vietnamese market.
EloQ offers a range of marketing services, including PR, social marketing, digital marketing, influencer marketing, business and product branding, crisis communication, integrated strategic planning, and event planning. The agency values modernity, transparency, and flexibility above all.
For more information about EloQ and its services, please visit www.eloqasia.com