If you are looking for the best aids for daily living, we recommend buying electric lift chairs. A power chair is a right solution to install at the entrances to buildings or for houses with stairs for people with reduced mobility.

An electric lift chair can be installed in most homes, improving accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

The installation of an electric chair for the elderly improves the quality of life of people with disabilities, who have lost mobility due to illness or accident or simply due to the passage of time.

The best solution to mobility problems at home:

Currently, the demand for the installation of stairlift has increased considerably due to the benefits they provide. Its simple use allows us to go up and down stairs without difficulty and autonomously. Also, it allows free movement and access to the different floors of a building, as well as being able to leave the house.

With the simple pressure of an up or down button, it moves smoothly and slowly through the guide, without danger, with total safety and comfort for the user. At the end of the journey, the chair stops automatically, with the manual turning of the seat or automatically, depending on the model, it comes out, all with minimal effort.

It is installed on the walls that follow the ascending or descending path of the steps.

Greater tranquility and comfort for everyone:

Safety is maximum since the chair stair lift incorporates a harness or safety belt to prevent any type of fall.

The installation of the lift chairs is possible both in narrow spaces and one flight of stairs. There is a wide range of models adaptable to any need for both interiors and exteriors of homes or buildings.

Differences between installing a stairlift or an elevator:

The stairlift is a better solution than the installation of an elevator since it does not need the conditioning work that this requires. Also, installing a stairlift for people with disabilities is cheaper and almost does not need work. They do not require a large space nor a very high investment. Perfectly adapts to the structure of the home.

A stairlift is much cheaper than an integral change at home. Its installation is simple and does not have the discomforts that arise in the reform of a home, however small it may be.

A rail is installed along the wall and the only thing necessary for its operation is a plug.