Riding a bike rental in Udaipur is a convenient mode of transport for most commuters. Not only is riding a two-wheeler, a great way to beat the traffic, but it is a cherished experience for the bike enthusiasts. For those who cannot afford to buy a two-wheeler upfront, the experience is still within their reach, owing to the option of renting a two-wheeler to explore the city.
Scooter rental and bike rental services are available in Rajasthan in many cities. The demand for bike rental in India has been on the rise, which is good news for biking enthusiasts, as it adds to the affordability and the riding options. One can also avail online bike rental in India for scooter rentals and motorbike rental services. Thus, using offline or online bike rental services, one can rent a bike at competitive rates. Here are a few tips one should follow to get the most out of their monthly bike rental experience.

The best part of our bike rental services in Udaipur
Book online
You can book bike rental services in Udaipur from any online platform. We have a user-friendly app that allows you seamless browsing experience. You can book on the Padharo market place which allows you to search the best model, compare the price and amenities and then book online just with the click of a button. It doesn’t just sound simple rather it is indeed easy.   

Sanitized bike rentals
We provide sanitized premium bikes on rent in Udaipur. Considering the current situation we aren’t charging anything extra for sanitization of bikes. Every touchpoint and protective gear is sanitized before and after the ride.

Myriad options to choose from
We provide both geared and non-geared bikes. We provide premium bikes like bullet and cruise bikes for pleasure rides. For rough and tough rides we have options like CD 100dawn, TVS star city, Bajaj city 100 and the like with an average mileage of 70-75km.

Travel at your own pace
Hiring a bike in Udaipur will invariably guarantee one thing i.e. Travel at own pace without worrying about any time limitation. Start at will, stop at will and ride as well at will. 

Most affordable ride
Bike rentals in Udaipur are one of the most affordable travel options available because the rental rates are comparatively low and the mileage per kilometre is high vis-à-vis Car rentals.

Roadworthy bikes on rent in Udaipur
We provide roadworthy bikes on rent in Udaipur at affordable rates. By roadworthy we mean the bikes are well-maintained and the bikes give an average mileage of 70-75km. We ensure that you don’t spoil your journey because of a mid-way breakdown of your bike. 

24*7 support system
We have a team of professionals to support you in case of any on-road exigency. Round the clock, support ensures that you are not left to fend for yourself in case of an un-anticipated exigency.
Just for information
Following government guidelines, we don’t encourage you to ride pillion. Don’t exceed the speed limit and don’t do stunts on the bike while driving. You need to have a valid driving license and Aadhar card in order avail our bike rental services.
Padharo is a marketplace for vehicles, catering across entire Rajasthan. Apart from bike rentals we also cater to room stays, tour packages, tour guides, events and activity booking. Traveling with Padharo is not only affordable rather it is incredibly safe.