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Please note that only the core subjects SimplifyMATHS provides are given below. SimplifyMATHS does provide more courses. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. We would love to teach you.
All our lessons are taught by fully qualified / experienced tutors. Every tutor has to go through a rigorous vetting process to be able to teach you.
What makes us different from other online tuition companies?
The difference between SimplifyMATHS and other online tuition companies is that we are a small family orientated business. We only employ a maximum of 4 tutors per year. We do this for a reason. We ensure that every pupil is treated with a great deal of time and care you deserve. We are purely a maths based teaching company only. Mathematics Tutor Online
I really enjoy maths now. I did not enjoy the subject before. I can’t wait for my lessons and have never learnt so much in one maths lesson before.
Why Choose SimplifyMATHS online tuition school…
SimplifyMaths is a state of the art online tuition school using the most up to date technology that provides the most efficient online teaching platform for pupils to learn effectively in the comfo
rt of their own environment. This could be from home or from any location so long as you have a computer/laptop and internet service
The Mathematics Tutor Online platform is the best on the market. We have tried and tested the platform and we are satisfied that it is extremely robust and efficient with exceptional facilities.
Here are some of the services it provides:
Excellent sound
Lessons can be recorded and played back
Attention monitoring
Optional video sharing. Pupils can choose not to be seen by the tutor but the tutor will always be available to watch
Most importantly, easy to use!
Please note SimplifyMATHS encourages all ages of learners from primary aged children to adult learners.
Without a doubt, solving mathematical problems is not a skill that comes easy, especially for school going children and teenagers. Students can take all other subjects lightly but not math. According to top teachers and other experts, any normal student has the capability to learn mathematics and excel in it. So what could be the problem? Why are so many students performing badly at this subject year after year? Well, according to most psychologists, the number one reason most students are failing in mathematics is fear. Yes, over the past few decades, there has been this mistaken belief that mathematics is a complex and difficult subject that you can never fully understand.
Other factors contributing to failure
Besides fear, some students are also performing poorly in math due to the school environment, which is usually noisy, making it harder for the slower kids to concentrate. Teachers especially in public schools cannot offer sufficient time with each student individually to offer badly needed further assistance before or after class. In addition, parents often invest little in their children outside of the school, in terms of tuition, supervision or support. Even those that take step to hire math tutors for their children,
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