Post-COVID 19 pandemic, more and more people are starting their new life. Jxcycle started to produce Hot Dog Bike to support small to medium-sized enterprises.

Jxcycles, a bicycle manufacturer in China that specializes in producing food bikes, introduced its new Hot Dog Bike. The Hot Dog Bike launched as many people started their business activity after the COVID-19 pandemic slowed down. Jxcycle manager said, “We are proud of launching our new Hot Dog bike amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Our Hot Dog bike model has many features, and it is flexible to use both indoor and outdoor.” He adds that their Hog Dog bike is affordable compared to its competitors.

The Jxcycles Hot Dog Bike is a versatile and flexible Hot Dog cart that has many features. The bike is versatile for mobility and only needs a small space to start selling. It has a large space to store goods. It also has a freezer that the temperature can be adjusted according to the need for ice cream, cold drinking, etc. Besides, the grill pan is also available for fast and convenient cooking. The grill is suitable for beer steak, meat, hot dogs, etc.

Additionally, the Hot Dog Bike is equipped with a solar panel roof to provide light and freezer energy. It also has a led light that provides warmth and light in the evening to attract customers. Jxcycle also receives tailored Hot Dog Bikes as per the client’s requirements. The customers can choose their own colors or specifications that suit their needs. Moreover, the bike has a load capacity up to 300KGS, and motorized by a 250W motor and powered by a 36V/10AH Lithium Battery. For more information about the Jxcycle bike, please visit

The company representative explained, “At Jxcycle, we strive to provide the best products through our good craftsmanship and the best materials for durability.”

Besides producing Hot Dog Bike, Jxcycle also produces many kinds of bikes, including coffee bikes, cargo bikes, pedicabs, food bikes, vending bikes, ice cream bikes, food carts, and cargo tricycles. If you are looking for specific purpose bikes, we can build it. Our creative and experienced designer is adequate to realize your idea. Call our customer support at +86 561 4173 997 for further information.

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Jxcycle is a bike manufacturer based in China. With the best craftsmanship and quality materials, Jxcycle has been selling its products worldwide. The company has been established since 2009. Since then, the company has gained more and more customer recognition. In 2016, the company built a new 20,000 square meter factory, to meet the growing market demand, and more and more models are being produced. For more information about Jxcycle’s new Hot Dog Bike, please visit, and don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer support at +86 561 4173 997 or Stay in touch with us, and always visit our official website at

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