Windows dedicated server is a physical computer that uses all its resources to provide information and attend to the requests of another computer (client) that has contracted its services.

Therefore, unlike a shared server, the dedicated one works exclusively for a single client. There is a wide range of cheap dedicated server from which to choose for Internet hosting.

Dedicated managed or unmanaged server?

The companies that supply the servers, especially the dedicated ones, establish a distinction between managed and unmanaged servers offering the user the possibility of hiring one or the other.

What does each of them mean?

A managed server is one in which its operation, its configuration, and its security are the responsibility of the company that provides the service. That offers the necessary help and attention to whoever hires it.

Consequently, the user forgets the tasks of structuring the system, although in exchange he has to pay a higher price. It is recommended for those people whose technological and computer knowledge is very basic or limited.

For its part, an unmanaged dedicated server hosting refers to that service in which the provider only provides connectivity, resources, tools, and the control panel.

It is the client itself, that is in charge of the correct operation and configuration of the server. The company does not assist and, therefore, the cost is reduced. But it is only within the reach of those who have some computer science scholarship.

Characteristics of a dedicated server:

A dedicated server is characterized, essentially, by offering its resources and services to a single individual, although the following aspects are also important:

– It is located, as a general rule, in a data center, where all the resources that an entity needs to process its information are located.

– It provides more security and greater speed since the resources of this great central computer are not shared with other users.

– It is intended to host websites with high traffic.Therefore, it is recommended that those who hire these services receive a large number of daily visits.

– It has a high monthly fee, even exceeding $100 per month, since, among other things, it is a single client who faces maintenance costs.

– It has, in most cases, customer service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dedicated server India is the most complete and exclusive option that a web hosting company can offer you. Therefore, they are the most chosen modality by large companies and educational institutions.