May 28, 2020: TeraByte is proud to announce the release of a new version of its popular boot manager software. BootIt Collection includes two main products – BootIt UEFI for newer systems and BootIt Bare Metal for older systems, which still use conventional BIOS software. Both programs are dual boot and multi boot managers which let you run multiple operating systems on the same system. You can switch between them easily whenever you start up your computer.

BootIt UEFI 1.19 and BootIt Bare Metal 1.67 include two key feature updates. They enhance the file system description shown for GPT partitioned drives. They have also been updated to include images for DOS and UEFI 3.40 and TBOSDT scripting 2.00. There are several other minor updates, issue fixes, and enhancements to ensure a smoother experience than ever.

BootIt Collection provides everything you need to set up dual boot or multi boot environments on computers either old or new. This is great for anyone who wants to run multiple operating systems and easily switch between the two. Each operating system can run in its own hard drive partition or on a separate physical storage device. If your computer supports UEFI, using the BootIt UEFI edition will be faster.

Dual- and multi-boot environments are great for overcoming problems with things like incompatible software. They are also great for developers who want to create and test software across multiple development environments. For enthusiastic hobbyists, it is also a suitable way to test out multiple operating systems or even use them side-by-side for different purposes. For example, you could use Windows to run most applications and Linux for software development. There is a free 30-day trial version, giving you the opportunity to try out the program before you buy.

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