Slovenia, June 3, 2020 – The dramatic increase in the market demand to cover bigger surfaces with bioclimatic pergolas is having a direct effect on Soltec manufacturing.

The company is pleased to announce the availability of the brand new 240/60 pergola Agava in reply to the growing customer expectations.

Soltec has been developing and producing shading systems since 1998 and launched the first bioclimatic pergola Agava ( 9 years ago. Agava pergolas have become a synonym for both quality and aesthetic perfection without visible joints. These pergolas are used at home, in restaurants, campings and in the other special projects.

The selling experiences and expectations from the market led Soltec design team to the development of the solution that enables a big span to cover even bigger surface without any intermediate pillars.

Some of the most important characteristics of bioclimatic pergola Agava 240/60 include:

-Surface up to 40 m2 without intermediate pillars;
-Length up to 8 meters, width up to 6 meters;
-Totally invisible joints;
-Robust construction yet of slender appearance;
-Made of aluminium and inox.
-Hidden grooves for water drainage.

The enhanced blade performance provides the necessary pergola structural resistance and can withstand more than 600 kg of weight.

A wide selection of additional equipment to improve the well-being of the customers is also available:
-ZIP rolos;
-Sliding panels (aluminium, wood, glass);
-LED lights integrated into the blades;
-Heaters, sensors, sound system.

These features and additional equipment further extend the ability of Agava pergolas ( to put control of the sun shading in the hands of the valued Soltec clients.