A number of connectors are used to connect the external devices with the computers and laptops for better usage and functionality of the devices. Using these ports you can connect devices like printers, speakers, input/output devices.

Few general computer ports that are used on regular basis with your computers and laptops are mentioned below:

USB TYPE A: It is officially called Standard-A connectors which is flat and rectangular in shape. It is generally found in almost every computer and laptop which is used to connect various devices such as smart phones, cameras, keyboard etc.

USB MINI B: It is a 5 pin which is recognized by the USB-IF which is small in size and one-thirds in width then A-style connector discussed earlier. USB MINI B port is also specified to connect various peripheral devices.

USB MICRO B: The miniaturized version of the USB interface used for connecting compact and mobile devices is our USB MICRO B port.

USB TYPE C: It is used for delivering data and power which is symmetrical that can be inserted either way for easy usage.

HDMI: Stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface used to transfer audio and compress video data from compatible devices.

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