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C.D Turner creates a detailed account of the African-American life, their existence, and the threat brought to its continued existence by the coronavirus pandemic. This account as exclusively stated in his book titled Covid-19: The Extinction of the Black Race described the different conspiracies behind the evolution of the coronavirus infection vis-à-vis the threat it poses to the existence of the black race. Relying on the different books, reports, and conspiracy theories regarding the creation and evolution of the virus, Turner furthered to describe the Covid-19 pandemic as nothing short of the beginning of a new world economic, political, and social order. With this inevitable change in the existing world order also comes the greatest threat to the continued existence of the black race.

A history of the black race will be incomplete without proper references to the African continent. The author however asserts that the creation of the coronavirus was a calculated effort towards the eradication of blacks from the surface of the earth. While the actual cause of coronavirus remains a subject of controversy among different scholars of medicine with most conspiracy theorists linking it to biological warfare launched by China against the rest of the world, it remains a fact that the black race will be at the receiving end of its devastating effect. Aside African-American communities being home to poverty, displacement, poor healthcare facilities, poverty and uncontrolled birth which had led most black persons into seeking greener pastures in foreign lands, most black citizens in Europe, Asia and America also engage in menial jobs that can hardly be done remotely and live in crowded environments and homes. These living standards among several other factors make it difficult for most blacks to adhere strictly to the basic social distancing, proper hygiene, quality healthcare delivery, and proper sanitation requirements; all which is required towards curtailing the spread of the coronavirus, thereby making the world blacks the most vulnerable race to the contraction and spread of coronavirus worldwide. The inadequacy of Covid-19 testing kits in most black communities, the stressed rural healthcare system, the raging poverty that makes it difficult to observe a complete stay at home also accounts for the many unrecorded coronavirus deaths in most black communities as well as the recorded cases of the blacks in the US as being the most vulnerable to contraction and Covid-19 related deaths. The coronavirus had no doubt redefined how most businesses are now conducted. The use of technology and seamless means of interaction has surged in recent times thereby making the need for human efforts less required. Most African-American communities are still faced with displacement and further economic crisis while the coronavirus continues to spread among its populations. It is only a matter of time before the black race becomes overwhelmed and subsequently exterminated by the coronavirus disease.

While there may not be an established claim that the coronavirus was created by China to exterminate the black race, the nature of its management and its social-economic requirements are ones that continuously pose a threat to the continued existence of the black race. This among other factors makes the book Covid-19: The Extinction of the Black Race an inevitable text for everyone seeking answers to the many conspiracies behind the creation, management, and purpose of the coronavirus pandemic especially as it affects the continued existence of the black race. The author had also published other books among which are My Last Day to Love, The Seventh Obsession, and Creatures Who Smile. Interested readers can visit;jsessionid=061326C21E4091B920434A4DA322FE46.prodny_store02-atgap06?ean=2940163935161 to buy the book and get better information concerning it.