To be able to drive and use any equipment and machinery, training is essential. Such training equips one with all the requisite knowledge of operating the instruments safely as well as adhering to all workplace safety rules.


An order picker is a vital piece of machinery used in warehouses. It is used in warehouses with high-level racking. The operator of an order picker operates it by raising and lowering it to pick as well as pack orders at heights. With a professional order picker course in Melbourne, workers can efficiently conduct their operations in the workplace.

Course highlights

Such a course on order picker handling lasts for two days, and the workers can learn both the theoretical and practical sides. The size of the class is kept relatively small so that students can learn in a better way and acquire the requisite skills of operating an order picker seamlessly. The order picker course also comprises of a workbook session given to be completed by the trainees at home. An optional and free of cost extra theory session is also available for those who might feel the need for it.

Onsite Training

To be fully trained and equipped with all the necessary learning to operate and use an order picker, trainees are also given onsite training. The order picker course in Melbourne makes the trainees learn in warehouses across Melbourne and in other areas of Victoria to use an order picker proficiently. This also makes them learn about the different workplace safety rules and carry out their works following the guidelines. The workers thus get ready to work in the real-time situations following all the restrictions necessary to avoid mishaps and occurrence of accidents in the workplace.

Course outcome

The order picker course training once completed successfully makes the trainees acquire the TLILIC0004 licence to manoeuvre an order picking forklift truck, and a provisional Work Safe Forklift Licence; Licence to Perform High-Risk Work – LO. This provisional licence needs to be submitted to Australia Post within 60 days of completing the course, besides a fee of $60 to Work Safe Victoria. 

After this, the trainees will be sent the five-year licence to use and operate an order picker.