Kingsland, London, UK, May 29, 2020 – NRVT is fresh out the shower, the best time to get into bed 12 hours from now. The Coronavirus mask is on standby and will be taken for a walk sometime today. The world is moving on, was always moving on. It was reported recently, due to Coronavirus, the BRAs are down by 40%. That is burglary, rape, and assault, to clear up any ambiguity.

NRVT releases new song ‘Alaive Again’ today so to toast his best wishes into the official charts we ask a series of questions.

Q. Is ‘Alaive Again’ a song inspired from the times of the Coronavirus?

A. ‘Alaive Again’ was complete before the Coronavirus had made an impact. Now I look at the whole setup looks like ‘Alaive Again’ is serving as life assurance to my ears.

Q. What other songs is NRVT working on?

A. There was another song being worked on before taking them to mastering. So what happened is that when the studio closed Baggy Music Entertainment told me to sit tight for a while.

Q. When did you decide to release ‘Alaive Again’?

A. When the date for release had passed the decision to master the one song ‘Alaive Again’ took shape.

Q. So ‘Alaive Again’ was just sitting there waiting to be rescued?

A. ‘Alaive Again’ was lifted out of the midst of a dormant situation and mastered and prepared for official release into the UK charts, USA charts, Canada charts, Australia charts, and generally all over like the white cliffs of Dover.

Q. How is you publicity coming along?

A. Like this. My Publicists are playing their cards right and allowing my songs to reach the audience who want to hear songs like ‘Alaive Again.’

Q. You are yet to become a recognized artist, what do you say to that?

A. NRVT is in no hurry. Check me again in 10 years. When I see the light at the end of the tunnel to me that will be the recognition. NRVT knows how to keep warm in Winter you can recognise that.

Q. Do you feel depressed?

A. What a funny question, do I look depressed? All I know is that; “You need wellington boots and butter to get you out of the gutter.”

Q. Is that from one of your songs?

A. It’s just depress head buster poetry, a line here, a line there to keep me going.

Q. Describe what kind of song ‘Alaive Again’ is?

A. You decide what it is – well there is a little Rhythm & Blues, a little Pop, a little Hip Hop, that’s all I’m saying – you decide.

“ALAIVE AGAIN” the 7th single of NRVT, official release date is Friday 29th May 2020.

“ALAIVE AGAIN” can be found on Amazon Music, iTunes, and other online stores. NRVT is signed with the label, Baggy Music Entertainment.

Journalism: Icsael Basemath

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Rudolph Vigilantibus
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