May 28, 2020


Los Angeles, California

Dr. Walther is interviewed by reliable news organizations. He discusses in great detail his company’s new SIX-SIGMA COVID TEST, which is a low-cost alternate to the expensive tests that require needles or other invasive prodding, etc., which are common in most Covid testing methods used today.
Dr. Walther’s news conference is uploaded to YouTube at this location:

While some healthcare professionals strongly suggest that only modern tests are valid, Dr. Walther insists that his methods align with the best-practices and known effects as related to the Covid virus. Plus Dr. Walther’s test gives immediate results. Other test can take minutes or hours.
For example, the Covid smell test is widely known to be a first sign of a Covid infection. Dr. Walther uses this fact and other facts to walk the viewer through simple at-home processes that are known to help identify those infected.
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Dr. Walther news conference where simple and low-cost home-test announced for the detection of the Covid virus

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