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Virginia Beach, Virginia (webnewswire) May 22, 2020 – The Virginia Beach realtor at the Katie Zarpas Group recently released a blog educating readers on common real estate mistakes to avoid after a divorce settlement. Selling a home during a divorce can be a tricky situation, so it’s important to remember a few key pieces of advice. First, trust your agent with the details of the divorce decree and work with an experienced agent. By allowing your agent to handle the specifics, you leave yourself more time to manage additional details during the divorce process. Having an experienced agent by your side can ensure that each step is properly followed and managed. It can also be helpful to invest in light staging if your house is empty following the divorce. Potential buyers typically prefer seeing homes that have furniture and other items in them, as it gives them a sense of what can be done with the space. This often makes it easier to sell the house.

Sellers should also remember a few key “don’ts” while selling their house during a divorce. Depending on when your home is sold, how long you lived there, and whether both spouses co-own the house at the time of sale, you may be eligible for a tax break of up to $500,000. Don’t forget these important savings when selling your home. It’s also important to keep up with maintenance around the house. Letting household chores go when you have so many other things to manage can be all too easy, but a house in disrepair not only puts off potential buyers — it can also bring down the value of your house.

Speak with a real estate agent at the Katie Zarpas Group for more information about selling a house during a divorce. Zarpas and her team are experienced real estate agents who understand the unique concerns involved during a divorce and can help you efficiently manage a strong sale. The Katie Zarpas Group can be contacted online at or by phone at 757-500-5596. Its offices are located at 800 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.