“Behind every safe and comfortable travel, there is a trustworthy travel partner who cares for you”. We are a market place for taxi and car rental catering across Rajasthan through our vehicle partners. Padharo ensures that we make your travel as safe as possible especially during these hard times. To answer how and what part of our customers we are publishing this write-up. You may be stuck in Jaipur or your family is in Jaipur and you are stuck somewhere else, just reach us and we will take you to your destination.
How do we make your travel from safe to safer?
User-friendly platform
We have the functionality of our platform very smooth and easy to operate. This makes sense when you are in hurry or you simply don’t have to struggle to book a car rental in Jaipur.
Choose your car rental
You get the same book vehicle which you see. Choose from a wide range of car rental types viz. Hatchback, Sedan and SUV. You also get to opt for the amenities you seek. Apart from the basic amenities like AC, sound system, hygienic cars and sanitizers, we have upgraded our services according to travelers requirements.
Safety protocol to keep you safe
We are ensuring your safety through measures like sanitized car rentals in Jaipur, sanitizer bottles in the car and wearing a mask is compulsory. Our chauffeurs wear masks and go through medical screening before they are allowed to drive the taxi. If you prefer to hire a self-driven car in Jaipur the possibility of contagion is next to zero.
No last-minute cancellations
We don’t make last-minute cancellations of car rentals; rather we don’t cancel the bookings without sufficient reason. We don’t want your travel experience getting spoiled because of us. During these times and even after the pandemic gets checked we understand that traveling by public transport can get dangerous due to in-appropriate social distancing. 
Transparent policies
We follow transparent policies relating to booking, cancellation, timings, billing, damage and refund. This ensures that we build trust with the travelers and you don’t have to pay extra –charges due to any reason. Your reviews motivate us to perform better and sail through during these difficult times.
Round the clock support
Our support team is ready to assist you round the clock irrespective of the circumstances you face on the road. This has become all the more essential when you are driving the car rental in Jaipur yourself. Our papers are fully updated and every car on hire in Jaipur is checked thoroughly for glitches.
Padharo is a market place for vehicle rentals of all types and models but we also cater to room stays in all the major cities of Rajasthan. Visit our online platform to know more about our services.

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