Acordis, a Florida-based technology & solutions company is happy to announce that they are now a reseller of Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure. Tintri, the California based storage company, provides products designed for enterprise cloud, virtual machines (VMs), and containers.
Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure has fundamentally changed the way people operate using storage to speed development cycles, simplify management, and predict all your needs as you scale. They have saved thousands of organizations and millions of management hours by providing intelligent infrastructure, high performance unified storage, AI data management and big data storage solutions. Acordis is proud to support Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure to simplify management in data center and cloud environments.
Acordis helps organizations perform proficiently, productively and competitively by bringing new concepts and implementing cutting-edge technology. They modernize processes and increase competence within workgroups to maximize their productivity, while reducing operating costs. By becoming a reseller of Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure, Acordis will also be helping organizations that are looking for easy to use, convenient, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions.
By joining the reseller network of Tintri, Acordis would provide organizations with solutions that must be easy to implement, simple to manage, and offer faster information while maximizing the value of your complex and distributed data. Organizations would have a fresh and streamlined experience with Acordis that would quickly transform not only their data center, but also the responsiveness and success of their business. With Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure, Acordis would make sure to meet and exceed the needs of the demanding workloads found in most any data center today.
So with Acordis, you can experience the difference from all other vendors managing IT systems and storing data with intelligent infrastructure brought to you by Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure.