Marietta, GA: recently had the honor of being highlighted as the provider of Ed Pratt’s Nimbus 36” Oracle Unicycle with which he notably traversed the globe. The Nimbus 36” Oracle is the premium solution for serious unicyclists looking to cover great distances while carrying a significant amount of gear and challenging their abilities.

The Nimbus 36” Oracle which is famous for this global triumph incorporates a suite of features that make it well suited to cover long distances and accommodate the gear to carry you through. It features a Shimano hydraulic disc brake to help the rider manage the heightened rotational momentum of its particularly large wheel, as the fixed-gear system of the unicycle requires a rider to compete with the inertia of the wheel’s mass – whether riding backward or forward.

In addition, it features high-end crank arms as well as an aluminum frame, which is preferred by overland and for extreme mountain unicycling for its excellent weight-strength ratio. Though the extra circumference of the wheel adds momentum, it also gives the rider an advantage in covering distance. is the world’s leading supplier of premium unicycles for serious and beginner cyclists alike, from street riders to practitioners of extreme mountain unicycling. In addition to their line of Nimbus unicycles that include the model already featured, they offer unicycles for beginners, street riders, cruisers, freestyle riders, mountain riders and more from Kris Holm, Hoppley, Impact and more, even options for those looking for an affordable unicycle. also sells the accessories and components necessary to tailor the unicycle and equipment to the rider’s use. For example, they offer VCX PLUS ISIS Crank arms that can be easily adjusted with a crank wrench to suit the situation and incorporate new technology like the Almost Zero Q-Factor. also offers touring handles like the Nimbus Shadow that can give riders better control over their equipment for long runs as well as a place to rest their hands.

They are proud to be an authority on the sport and offer years of insight and experience to their customers on the benefits and advantages of unicycle riding. Unicycle riders are prone to developing mental advantages in critical thinking, problem-solving and other creative applications and can fine-tune those abilities by tackling new challenges – of which committing to unicycle-riding is only one.

With their expansive collection of unicycles – with choices ranging from an affordable unicycle to an extreme mountain unicycle – and gear for any unicycling discipline, they bring their riders the physical benefits of riding as well. Due to the unique nature and design of unicycles, riders must practice mental and physical determination to conquer the challenges of riding – down a slope or on the street. Their customers experience increased strength, stamina, coordination, balance and more.

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