Norwalk, Connecticut (webnewswire) May 9, 2020 – The JMG Insurance Agency, a Norwalk business insurance agency, has recently released a new educational resource that explains who needs errors & omissions insurance as well as what the insurance covers. In the article, the insurance brokers go into detail about this important form of liability insurance, drawing from their extensive experience helping business owners stay covered and save on defense costs.

The insurance agency offers very helpful insights into this type of commercial liability coverage and why it is so important for businesses to have. The insurance agency has a long history of providing comprehensive insurance plans to business owners and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the most important insurance plans businesses need to have. Their professional experience has allowed them to develop the knowledge necessary to help businesses get the protection they deserve.

The article dives into why professional liability insurance can help businesses who offer a professional service remain protected while ensuring you are meeting the proper standards of service expected in your field of expertise. While this article focuses on E&O insurance, their website also helps educate potential clients on the agency’s experience, team, and mission.

JMG insurance believes in helping provide superior customer service and quality insurance solutions to clients while striving to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. The agency prides itself on developing trusting relationships with clients by being there for any situation that may come up. With this new article, they hope to help business owners and professional service providers understand why errors and omissions insurance is important to have and how it can help protect your business from unforeseen claims that may come up in the future and potentially harm your business.

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