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Jordan, (May 03, 2020): IOPAC and GADARA aims to introduce a sterilization campaign on Umm Qais, with the primary aim to protect the archaeological sites in Umm Qais. In order to protect the spread of the virus, it is a must to introduce powerful protection measures to safeguard individuals and citizens amidst the pandemic. As Jordan was likely one of the first countries to impose a curb on the disease, hence it wants to ensure that the measures taken are one of a kind.

Faraj Mohammed Al Omari, founder and president of IOPAC said, ‘We have made sure that we have an active role in the fight against this pandemic, which has claimed many lives in the world. Jordan was one of the first countries to make decision measures in controlling disease which reflected in the speed of control of the disease and demonstrates the wisdom of rational decisions.’

Under the leadership, the campaign introduced seeks to impose proper hand washing and sanitation technique to protect individuals amidst the times of pandemic. It further encourages individuals to stay at home which requires a lot more support and commitment from the community.  


IOPAC was founded by Ambassador Faroj Mohammed AL Omari, a consultant, a goodwill ambassador at the United Nationals Organization Imsam. In addition to this, he is also a member of the World Heritage Complex in UNESCO and a member of the World Charitable Association. It was founded with an aim to create awareness among individuals and spread information and postings about latest happenings in regards to Covid-19 pandemic.

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