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(May 02, 2020): MasterTAAG, founded by David Navaro Vera, has created a simple solution for restaurants by providing a digital menu. 

The solution allows restaurant patrons to use their own mobile phones, rather than to touch printed menus that are shared amongst customers, by using the QR code at their table. MasterTAAg provides a portal to the restaurant with features such as social media, promotions, auto-translation and, of course, a photo menu.

MasterTAAG platform seeks to offer the service for free with the primary intention of helping restaurants thrive amidst the industry-threatening times of Covid-19. 

Driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, MasterTAAG aims to provide an improved and safer user experience. With the aim to automate varied business processes, the platform has concentrated on the hospitality industry, especially those businesses who aren’t part of large chains, to help to simplify and speed up the ordering process. 

‘I will give access to the service to any restaurants that would like to use it for free until the 31st December 2020. The restaurant is under threat and many have lost or will lose their jobs. Restaurants, especially independents, underpin the culture that we all enjoy, and we must do something to protect them’, as said by David Navaro Vera, Founder & CEO at MasterTAAG. 

About Mastertaag:

The platform is an IoT startup behind TAAG Solutions and helps solve a number of business problems by altering the mode of operations for restaurants. They already support restaurants across the world, from Barcelona to Los Angeles.

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