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– Target 10,000 drivers with Dal, Atta, Chawal, and Spices for the next 15 days.

– Be Kind to your own Cab Drivers- Help Us serve them a Meal

Due to the serious outbreak of COVID-19, everybody in our country is quarantined. We all are locked in our houses trying to stay safe and strong. While many of us are able to afford this lockdown while being shut from our jobs or do work from home, there are still those blue-collared jobs that need their daily wage to be able to have a piece of bread at night.

The total number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 35,365 on Friday as the death toll touched 1,152 in the country, according to the Health Ministry and Announcement of 3rd extension of lockdown will definitely create havoc for daily wages workers.

Cab drivers are one of the most affected community that has taken a major hit because of lockdown to afford any meal for themselves and their families. More than 2.5 lakh drivers working for app-based aggregators. This two weeks extension of lockdown will create uncertainty. Cab Drivers who take us from place to place may it be day or night, raining or traffic but what are we doing for them when they are Hungry and not getting any help as they are taxpayers but they earn daily and spend daily that is something not seen by anybody.

As we startup, we understand the pain that they are facing to run their family and not able to feed them with even a glass of milk in the whole day as of today.We were serving 50 drivers with bread and milk once in a day for first 20 days. For next 10 days we distributed cooked food to 100 drivers. Then we distributed Ration packets to 200 drivers for next 10 days.

Arpan Aggarwal, (Co- Founder & CEO) ORO Cabs said – Work was already affected from the beginning of March. Cab drivers earn their livelihood on a daily basis that has come to a halt due to the lockdown. A large number of cab drivers and their families are in a precarious situation. As we startup, we think our little initiative will help cab drivers & their families but long extensions of lockdown also difficult for us feed them. So we start initiative “A Meal a Day for Cab Drivers”. Any contribution can be big or small. In the need of hour, every penny counts and serves as a life saver. Be a Life Saver for someone today. These drivers need your help, please help us serve them. Alone we cannot but together we can.
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