Natural Bamboo – Obvious in color and just like the strong floor. Carbonized Bamboo: A richer color similar to caramel sugar, purchased through a procedure of heat by fireplace at high temperatures. Whose steam and ash enter from the outer lining to the middle dish of the bamboo, offering it a darker and more incredible appearance. Commercial: The the surface of the timber floors. Extremely powerful, immune, sturdy and very fine-looking. This makes it ideal for use in commercial, business and, needless to say, residential spaces. Parkett kaufen is an excellent option to wooden surfaces since as well as having all of the benefits of the latter, they’ve a series of distinctive qualities which make them the best option.

100% Ecological: Bamboo is a lawn that, when reduce, develops again without planting it and reaches its degree of readiness for professional employs in 3 to 5 decades, unlike mainstream timber for surfaces that will require reforestation and will take longer. 20 years. Rapid and easy installment: The Bamboo ground is finished. It doesn’t require polishing and it may be mounted “move” (like laminate flooring) which allows powerful in the installation. Dimensional Balance: Bamboo floor grows or agreements 50% or significantly less than wooden flooring. Therefore, you won’t have cracks or fissures problems involving the panels if it’s mounted correctly.

Incredible Appearance: Bamboo knots can be seen on the Bamboo ground, offering it an incredible appearance that cannot be equaled with almost any natural wood. Because it is an all-natural material, our surfaces might have variations in tone within exactly the same desk, package or lot. OSB massivholzplatte is ideal for the inner style of commercial, business and, needless to say, residential spaces. They’re the Prime on timber surfaces, since they are exceptionally immune, sturdy and employ a fine appearance. It is the better substitute for traditional wooden, because it is extremely ecological, since the qualities of its place give it time to grow four situations quicker than trees. Because of this, it is called “the timber into the future “.

OSB terrassendielen is a floor produced from normal bamboo floor with a brand new engineering of filament weaving, twice as hard and dense. So that it can be utilized in major traffic. For style purposes, they’re treated in Natural and Charred colors. The latter being the most used for its greater weight to water and its incredible appearance.