NEC Technologies India (NEC India), a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, has helped Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) convert its smart city control center into a war room to combat the spread of coronavirus in the city. The Integrated Command Center has been set up to coordinate traffic management and to maintain law and order in the city.
NEC’s Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) is used to keep a tight vigil on human and vehicular movements during the lockdown period, especially in areas inside the red zone. The teams stationed at the war room will provide real time updates of anomalies that potentially impose a threat to the communities. In some selected areas, NEC has also deployed a special analytics function on selected cameras for crowd control to ensure appropriate social distance measures are in place to mitigate community transmission of the virus. This feature will send alerts to the control room as soon as it detects five or more people moving in any of these CCTV cameras. NEC also provided special training to the authorities on managing the live cameras and alerts.

A GMDA spokesperson said,” NEC‘s significant contribution to GMDA’s Integrated Command Center Room gives us the capability for real-time situational awareness through a central dashboard to the authorities. Through the use of modern CCTV cameras that are connected by an optical fiber network, we are able to monitor communities and make pre-emptive moves wherever necessary. We are hopeful that with this successful implementation, we will help Gurugram become a COVID-free city.”

Mr. Pradeep Kushwaha, Head of Public Safety Business Unit–NEC Technologies India (NEC India), said, “In these unprecedented times, we at NEC are committed to health and well-being of everyone while playing a constructive role in supporting the administration on the frontlines against COVID-19. Leveraging NEC’s leading position in the field of public safety, we have set up an emergency war room and control center, which will play a key role in containing the spread of the virus. The need of the hour is to remain focused and we will continue to work with the authorities in providing the maximum possible support in the current situation to create a safe and healthy society.”
In 2019, NEC Technologies India (NEC India) was selected as the master system integrator by GMDA for public safety and adaptive traffic management system project in Gurugram & Manesar. Under this project, NEC is implementing a broad range of solutions, including traffic violation detection, vehicle number plate detection & many other AI based video analytics solutions to support citizen services from GMDA.
A leading master system integrator in public safety and smart city space, NEC Technologies India (NEC India) has already implemented large and complex ICT projects in cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune, Hubballi-Dharwad and Gurugram.