www.60minutemillion.com is the first-of-its-type 1-hour video coaching program to help any small business find the hidden million, get quick wins and make more money despite the current crisis. #1 best-selling author, leading profit improvement expert and international business coach, John Mautner is helping small businesses take control, create an action plan to survive from this difficult situation and lead them to achieve their goals, faster.

Las Vegas NV, April 29, 2020 – COVID-19 pandemic has caused a flood of businesses to lose their revenue by 50%-90% in recent months and millions of businesses could fail, putting millions of jobs at risk. Scores of business sectors were forced to stop their activity. The COVID-19 pandemic not only affects large business sectors, but more importantly, the millions of small businesses that drive the global economy. #1 best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and international business coach John Mautner released his innovative new online business coaching program, www.60MinuteMillion.com to help fellow entrepreneurs. John built one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America. John discovered a unique approach that in just 1-hour, small businesses that can find the hidden million inside almost any type of company and get started implement the best ideas so owners can survive and grow during the crisis.

60 Minute Million teaches step-by-step how easy get to the core business issues and identifies dozens of ways to make more money right now. The author has 20 years of experience coaching thousands of business leaders around the world to grow their businesses from good to great. The program consists of four steps that cut through all the theory, nonsense, and complex jargon. The author guarantees the program works for any small businesses. Companies discover how to make any small business can enhance sales and profit quickly. It also provides tools and skillset to motivate and inspire small business owners to reach their goals.

John Mautner’s 60 Minute Million Program will teach four steps such as;

Treasuring Hunt – Find your hidden $1,000,000

7-M Analysis – Discover your Top-3 key success drivers

Tiger Teams – Get quick wins that grow sales and profits

SOPs – Create lasting profitability.

“I promise 60 Minute Million will be your best $99 investment in your businesses growth. We design this program for small business owners to make their business grow faster.” said the author John Mautner. He also added, the program is equipped with Special Bonus Offer, that includes Business Survival Guide for the Covid-19 – Over 80 Helpful Tools and Techniques, Copy of John Mautner #1 Best Selling Business Book “The Profit Pattern”, and Grow Profits Quickly Workbook – Packed with over 100 Profit Improvement Techniques, and more. Moreover, the program includes a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. For more information about 60 Minute Million, please visit http://www.60minutemillion.com/.

About 60 Minute Million Program

60 Minute Million Program is a video coaching program to explore the hidden business potential and enhance their team’s productivity. The author strives to provide step-by-step small business help for businesses that are in trouble and struggling in this difficult and uncertain situation. This one of the sales training programs guarantees to be the fastest solution and can be immediately implemented.

About The Author

John Mautner is a #1 best-selling author, entrepreneur, and international business coach. He developed the 60 Minute Million after 20+ years of coaching thousands of business leaders around the world to grow their company promptly.


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