Rich Money Models canceled the Lollipop Drop event due to coronavirus, to protect models and clients’ safety.


USA, April 28th, 2020 – Rich Money Models announced that the upcoming big event, the Lollipop Drop Event that planned to be held on May 6th, 2020, will be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event was planned to be involved with many participants, including models and audiences that attend the event. Therefore, that condition makes it impossible to hold the event, as the coronavirus spread through human contact. Furthermore, with the recommendation for social distancing to limit the virus spread, the crowded event like this can’t be held until the pandemic is gone.

Regarding this decision, the spokesperson from Rich Money Models also expressed their regret and apology to the clients that have been waiting for this event. He said, “We carefully planned weeks before for this special event. However, we realize that forcing this event to go on will only result in a bad thing. Therefore, for our models, audience, and client safety, we regretfully decided to cancel this event. We believe that this is the best decision for everyone. And, we will plan another event, a bigger and more amazing one, to replace this event in the future. So, we hope for your consideration and patience to wait for our next event. Guaranteed, we will give you the most unforgettable moment in our next event, and our models are ready for that.”

Rich Money Models is one of the top model agencies in the U.S. This agency accepts and nurtures models and women who want to be models. The Lollipop Drop event and many other model-related events are like a regular activity that this agency holds. The main purpose of these events is to promote the models that work under this agency. Furthermore, it also builds these models’ confidence as well as to give them experience about working in the model industry.

Besides events, Rich Money Models also has a network channel. This is another way for them to promote their model. Many models got the contract and new clients that use their service from their appearance in this channel. This is one of the innovative ways to promote models by a model agency.


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Rich Money Models is a leading female model agency in the U.S. This agency has a team of professionals that will provide the training for these models. Now, this company becomes one of the top model agencies in the world.

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