On April 20, Ekaterina Rybakova, the President of the Rybakov Foundation, announced the new program that aims to support multi-child families by providing kids with laptops.
The program initiators are the Rybakov Foundation, the regional non-governmental organization “Mnogodetstvo”, the Center for Assistance to multi-child Families “MnogoMama” and the charity foundation “Volunteers to help orphans”. Under the project, large families will receive 500 computers at a cost of 10 million rubles ($134 000). The logistic partner of the project is Wildberries.
Ekaterina Rybakova, the President and сo-founder of the Rybakov Foundation: “We talked a lot to school people and to representatives of the nonprofit sector. And we realized that now, in the context of distance learning, multi-child families are between wind and water. That is why, the Rybakov Foundation prepared a common project together with our partners – organizations that provide support to multi-child families – “MnogoMama”, “Mnogodetstvo”, and “Volunteers to help orphans”. Under the project, 367 large families will receive 500 computers”.
Elena Alshanskaya, the President of the charity foundation “Volunteers to help orphans”, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation: “Now, during a common crisis and a difficult epidemiological situation, the care recipients of our foundation are particularly vulnerable: women with children, multi-child families, stepparents who bring up several children and children with special needs. It is especially hard for parents of schoolchildren: families are faced with an urgent need to purchase additional gadgets to let children study remotely. The assistance of the Rybakov Foundation will allow children who are brought up by birth families or by stepparents not to fall out of the study process and to continue studying on the equal basis with other kids”.
The president of the Center for Assistance to multi-child Families “MnogoMama” Alina Kontareva: “ We took a huge survey and learned the current situation in multi-child families across Russia. This program will be the solution to an important and urgent task that our families cannot solve on their own. Now the second thing in order of importance is the request for computers that support modern learning programs after the need of treatment and seeking help with food. It is a pleasure to solve significant issues together with other foundations! We feel that together – we are force! “