Vassilis Milionis announces the latest projects of his company. The projects focus on luxury tourism sectors.

Vassilis Milionis, a reputable Greek real estate investor announces his latest projects known as the Golden Visa program. The program focuses on real estate investment, especially on the 5-star hotel and holiday apartment development. The Golden Visa program is a profitable investment since people often travel around the world. They need a comfortable place to stay. Hotel and apartment become two popular places for travelers to stay during their exploration or trip. According to Vassilis Milionis, “Filia Investments LTD works on several projects related to the 5-star hotel and holiday apartment development. We think that the projects are a potential investment. Now, we are working in Crete, Greece.” A luxury hotel has a potential prospect in the future because travelers want to find a comfortable place to stay. They need to stay in a room that covers their needs, so they can do something even if they are inside the room. 

One of the projects is related to the development of a one-stop service hotel. This project tries to cover what travelers need while exploring Greece. This luxury hotel will have dining areas, shops, sports facilities, gardens, and many more. Vasilis Milionis explained, “A place to stay that feels like a home is a good opportunity. We focus on this goal and build a holiday apartment with 127 residences. Later, people can choose to stay in an apartment with one bedroom or two bedrooms. The apartment also has a private swimming pool.” Filia Investments LTD also has other two big projects that involve over 10 acres of land. The company has a business partnership with Ethniki Pangaea and Dimand for construction. This project is still related to the tourism industry. It has been a bright year for Filia Investments LTD because this company also handles a tourist village in Agios Nikolaos and Elounda. 

The company also makes a partnership with a real estate company to achieve the target. One of the success factors is investing in popular domestic destinations. Milionis chooses Crete because it has unique terrains, beautiful beaches, and great mountains. Along with the presence of luxury places to stay, travelers will be interested to come to the area and they can enjoy it maximally. Milionis described, “Investing in the luxury tourism sector is our new project. We have some ongoing projects in the mainland of Heraklion City and other potential areas. The projects worth up to 16 million euros for our company.”

About Vassilis Milionis:

Vassilis Milionis is a Greek entrepreneur. He manages a company known as Filia Investment LTD. The focus of the company is investing in luxury tourism sectors.