If you have been arrested on any occasion, or you have been summoned to declare as investigated / or in an Investigating Court, or even if you have been fined (especially if it was for a violation of the Citizen Security Law), You probably have a police record. In order to remove this, you will need to take help from Canadian pardon services.

Be careful, if the National Police detained you, you will have a record before that body, and if the Civil Guard detained you, you will have it before the meritorious. It is important to keep this distinction in mind, since any attempt to cancel the record before the wrong body would not work.

Check the police record:

If you want to check your police record, do not hesitate to contact us through pardons.org. It can also be presented in any public registry that accepts writings from the Ministry.

Once you are clear about your background, the next thing to do is erase it. For this, it is important to distinguish if you were convicted or not for the cause that originated from those antecedents.

If you have been convicted:

If you were arrested or identified, or a criminal proceeding was initiated and you were finally convicted, you will have to first cancel your criminal record with the help of pardon services Canada, if the statute of limitations has expired.

Once the criminal record is canceled, you must request a certificate that accredits it to the Ministry of Justice. Subsequently, you have to file a brief with the Court requesting a certificate that confirms the cancellation of the criminal record.

If you have not been convicted:

In the event that you were arrested or identified and a criminal proceeding was initiated but you were not finally convicted. That is, you were acquitted in the trial or the case was filed and did not even go to trial, you have to file a brief in court that acquitted or dismissed it very similar to the previous one.

Once the Court receives this brief, it will have to issue a certificate and send it to you. When you have it, the last step to take is to present this certificate at the police station, accompanied by the police record cancellation form (this form in the Civil Guard and this one in the National Police.

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