Due to the serious outbreak of COVID-19, everybody in our country is quarantined. We all are locked in our houses trying to stay safe and strong. While many of us are able to afford this lockdown while being shut from our jobs or do work from home, there are still those blue-collared jobs that need their daily wage to be able to have a piece of bread at night. Cab drivers are one of the most affected community that has taken a major hit because of lockdown to afford any meal for themselves and their families. Arpan Aggarwal, founder of Oro Cabs met Yogita Bhayana who helped his urge to provide for cab drivers. Aanchal Sharma, Trustee of Meals of Happiness Charitable Trust has associated her trust to this urge, and currently providing food supplies to 200 cab drivers in Gurugram. They are a true example of how one’s desire and small steps can bring bigger happiness to someone else. They need your help to be able to reach out to 50,000 such ignored cab drivers in the NCR so that they can still have food to eat, despite their job being shunned. The driver community is among the most honest and hard-working community in our cities and during this lockdown, nobody except Oro cabs and Meals of Happiness has come forward to help them. Even a little contribution from you would bring big differences in their life. We request you to contribute how much you can.
Arpan Aggarwal said that “Today situation not favorable for anyone but to fight against this novel coronavirus we must raise our hand to help each other. I am grateful to everyone who supported me. I request everyone please come forward and help those who needed most at that time”.
The total number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 18,658 by Tuesday. Abd, the country’s Covid-19 death toll neared 600, according to data compiled by Worldometer.
You can visit https://rzp.io/l/help2drivers or https://www.payunow.com/mealsofhappiness to help the heartbeats of our cities, our drivers.