Currently a used car is a dream for automotive lovers when they have a mediocre budget. They want to have a cool vehicle with only minimal capital. That is why currently used cars become excellent.

However, not everyone sells used cars simply because conditions are no longer good. There are also those who need money to make ends meet.

But did you know that choosing a used car is like choosing a cat in a sack. If you do not know the ins and outs of vehicles ranging from engines, suspensions to brake shoes. You will only be fooled by used cars that aren’t worth using.

Instead of just being fooled, you should consider tips on buying a used car from layanan seva jual beli mobil bekas that you can try:

Alert Car Prices

There is a saying “there is a way there is a price”. Yes, that applies to used cars before you buy. Not that you don’t find quality used cars at cheap prices. You should be more careful with the price of used cars that are too cheap. It could be that there is something problematic or what it is.

Invite Friends / Siblings / Gebetan / Kang Workshop / Neighbors who Understand Vehicles

The next thing you must do before buying a used car is to invite people who understand the vehicle. If you don’t know the brake lining, it’s better to buy a used car before buying someone who knows better. This is to prevent you from the people who want to cheat.

Check Accessories and Interior

That’s the advantage if you invite people who understand about used cars. The first thing your friend should do is check the accessories and interior of the car first. Starting from the AC, audio system to light switches. Make sure this feature works properly. Also check the seat belt is still tight or not.

Don’t forget to check the interior of the car, starting from the front seat and rear seat. Try to sit on the seat, if it’s still soft and comfortable, it means the seat is still solid. Also check the carpet and ceiling. If it is still in clean condition and has no odor, it means the interior is in good condition.

Check the Car Body

After checking the condition of the accessories and interior, it’s time to check the body of the car. Make sure the hood, doors, mirrors until the glass is still in good condition and check also the original or not. Also note how the condition of the car paint.

Check Machine Condition

After finishing checking the interior of the car body. Don’t forget to check the condition of the engine too. You do this with the car starter, if it is easily started it means that the engine condition is quite good. Also make sure the engine sounds are not rough and also check whether there is a leak of the engine or not.

Check Document Completeness

The last thing that is most important is to check the completeness of vehicle documents. Starting from STNK, BPKB to invoicing. Don’t forget to match the car number and engine number. Make sure the physical car is in accordance with the letters.

Well, those are some tips that you can do before buying a used car. We recommend that you buy a used car you must be very careful when checking the conditions. Make sure everything is in good condition and that the documents are complete.