One of the top online apparel stores, BerryLook, launched a discount and promo event for its swimwear and clothes collection.

Hong Kong, April 15th, 2020: BerryLook launched a big promo for its most popular product in the swimwear and shoes category. The store gives a big discount, up to 70% for each product. With the increasing demand and sales of the product, as well as to welcome summer this year, BerryLook commemorates it by launching the promo offers. The big discount is also included with the previous discount offer. The customer’s first order in this store will get a 5% discount for any product they bought. The customer doesn’t seem surprised with this promo, as this store is well-known for the place to get cheap swimwear and shoes online.

According to one of the customers, “I heard about the big promo that BerryLook launched yesterday. And, when I visited their website, I found my favorite collection of shoes, almost all of them, has this big discount. I am so happy. So, I bought pairs of them. Thank you for the discount, BerryLook. I will recommend your store to my friends and families. Your collection is the best. And, I’m waiting for another promo for other products!”

The collection of swimwear and shoes by BerryLook offer various types of products and styles. As for the swimwear, the colorful and several patterns are available at the stores. The shoes have many styles, from the casual shoe match for an everyday activity to the elegant type shoes for important events and occasions.

BerryLook also is considered a top player in this industry. They have been around for quite a long time. The service they provide also focuses on customer convenience. For example, the free shipping service for the order over a certain total price is one of them. As one of the customers said above, they show great satisfaction toward the various collections of the product as well as the service. And, with the discount event for swimwear and shoe collection, the customer gets what they expected from this store, affordable swimwear, and cheap shoes online.

About BerryLook

BerryLook is an online apparel store with a base operation in Hong Kong. This store provides all kinds of apparel products, from clothes, tops, bottom, shoes, and swimwear for girls and ladies. With customer’s satisfaction and convenience as their focus in offering their service, this store has risen and grown into one of the top online apparel stores.