β€” a decentralised protocol for finance powered by XinFin XDC Coin protocol β€” is rolling out key features during the coronavirus crisis. Fundmydesign tools on TradeFinex aims to connect designers, manufacturers, and inventors of personal protective and medical equipment. They aim to help them secure funding from governments, institutions, and individuals so that they can cope up with supply shortage for key medical equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE).
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Form of Application for Funding
Co-Founder of Atul Khekade said:
β€œThe Coronavirus crisis has dismantled global trade and the economy to the core. It is probably the largest economic crisis in our time. The health of citizens needs protection. The medical staff needs personal protective equipment. Most of the affected countries are so dependent on the global supply chain for PPEs and medical equipment that there is a huge shortage of them.”
There is a massive shortage of personal protective equipment and medical equipment such as ventilators. The problem is that major medical equipment manufacturers have limited production capacity and the ventilator costs over USD 20,000. MIT open-sourced a $100 design for ventilators and there are many regional/local manufacturers who can manufacture the device to meet the demands subject to quality checks. The same goes for masks.
Bank and non-bank funders can quickly set up a Masternode to participate in the trusted network. To become a Masternode on the XinFin Network, they will have to stake 10 million XDC coins.
Designers or manufacturers of personal protective equipment can securely share their designs with the funders over a secure peer to peer network by paying a nominal 1 XDC (approx. USD 0.001 at its average rate).
XDC or XDCE tokens for payment of utility fees can be acquired through its liquid markets listed at:

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