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: What are common credit report errors? They are identity errors, account status inaccuracies and data management mistakes. You do not need to worry about identity errors as they usually do not have a negative impact on your credit. The data management error is usually a mistake on the credit bureaus whereby they have accounts listed that are not yours. If you have this type of error you need to write detailed letters to the credit bureaus telling them about their mistake. Account status errors are the most common, yet most challenging to fix. These errors could be balance mistakes, incorrect dates, accounts showing as open when closed or any thing improper about this account. In order to get these accounts fixed or removed you need to obtain written proof of the credit report error. This could finding an old account statement from the credit furnisher, a bank statement showing you paid on the account, a letter from the company showing their mistake or a paid receipt. If you have one of these common credit report errors then contact us at Cook Law for a free consultation to see about fixing your report.