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# We believe firmly India can fight against the COVID-19 pandemic within a few days: Ceragem India CEO

#Ceragem is a Korea-based company provides customers with their experience in marketing based on customer-oriented ethical management

New Delhi, April 9: Ceragem India, a global healthcare specialised company in the country, joined the ongoing fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic and donated Rs 20 lakh in PM FUND.

Ceragem, a Korea-based company was established in 1998, developed the world’s first automatic thermal product. It has been expanded to 70 countries including India, USA, and China for about 22 years.

In India, Ceragem was established in 2005 and currently, it has 530 centres operating across the country. Ceragem is a company which satisfies customers and their trust around the world through experience marketing based on customer-oriented ethical management.

Commenting on the initiative, Ceragem India CEO, Ko Sukbong said: “We believe firmly that India can fight against the pandemic due to COVID-19 within a few days by wise action taken by the Indian government. We donated in PM-CARES FUND to support the citizens of India and Ceragem will surely be a company which also has a social responsibility for Indian society in the future.”

Ceragem India has been implementing CSR activities continuously. The company has been implementing “Dream School” project which is to improve and support the poor schools in India under the slogan, “The future of children is the future of India” since 2016. Recently, Ceragem India completed the 6th Dream School in Orissa, March 2020.