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Venera announces major enhancements to its Quality Control solutions that the company will showcase through online webinars and individually scheduled online meetings at its ‘Venera Virtual NAB 2020’ (April 20 – 22, 2020), offered throughout these days to accommodate all of our ‘would-be visitors’ from any time zone around the world! Venera takes pride in continually expanding the scope and depth of the QC capabilities in its QC tools, in order to meet today’s needs for advanced validation requirements, such HDR Dolby Vision, IMF, and Localization.

Visit Venera Virtual NAB 2020 page ( to sign up for one of our webinars (offered at various times of the day to accommodate all time zones) or to contact us for a one on one online discussion/demo session, where we will showcase enhancements to our Pulsar – On-premise File-based Automated QC system and Quasar – Native Cloud QC service.

“We think the Venera Virtual NAB sessions will actually carry some unexpected advantages of uninterrupted sessions without the noise and distractions of the show floor!”, said Vikas Singhal, CEO of Venera Technologies.

Here is a quick list of the planned webinars (more details at

• VenWeb 101: Introduction and Virtual NAB Preview
• VenWeb 102: QC of High Dynamic Range (HDR) content
• VenWeb 103: QC for OTT and Cloud-based Workflows
• VenWeb 104: Validation of IMF content
• VenWeb 105: QC for delivery to Netflix

Pulsar and Quasar New Features

• Validation of HDR Dolby Vision
• Language Identification of audio tracks
• The most extensive QC of IMF content
• Metadata reporting
• JPEG-2000 performance enhancements for 4K content
• Detection of Emergency Alert System (EAS) signal
• Validation of IMSC Subtitle files
• Canopus HQ/HQX validation
• DNxHR validation
• SHA-1 support
• Harding certificate in Japanese language
• Harding PSE compliance verification on premise with usage-based pricing

Quasar cloud-Specific Enhancements

While our Quasar solution includes all the QC-specific enhancements mentioned above, cloud-specific enhancements have also been added that make our native-cloud service even more attractive for cloud-specific workflows.

• Enhanced Security and reliability
• Use of Docker Containers
• Support for virtual-hosted style URL

Visit Venera Virtual NAB 2020 at to register for any of our webinars or request a personal online meeting to discuss your special needs.