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Innomolding explains the key important factors of injection molding parameter set-up to produce high-quality injection molding products.

Innomolding, a preeminent plastic injection molding manufacturer, considers injection molding parameter set-up as an essential factor. The set-up process involves seven key-factors; they are temperature, pressure, speed, and transition. Those points are the three most important things in the injection molding parameter set-up. The manager of the company explained, “We have to set-up the barrel temperature first. The key is setting the barrel temperature based on the basic setting first. Then, we adjust the setting based on the particular production condition.” The function of setting the barrel temperature is to reach the melting point. The technician checks the temperature by using a detector to get the most accurate result. Particular things such as oil stains and other reasons can disturb the melting temperature accuracy. 

The manager added, “Mold temperature is another important factor in the injection molding process. The main function is to maximize mold optimization. We focus on the temperature of the cavity surface. Our technician measures and records the temperature before the formal test.” The manager said that Innomolding is not focusing on the temperature displayed on the mold temperature controller because it shows inconsistency. “The next process is setting up the injection machine temperature. We focus on five different elements while adjusting the temperature, which is the amount of plasticization, limiting the value of injection pressure, injection speed, cooling time, and rotation speed of the screw.” The manager defined another important key. The process involves filling tests to get the transition points. “We set the holding pressure and holding time to zero, filling the product 90% up to 98%, and controlling the pressure point every time the injection speed is changed.” Another important thing in this process is considering the injection pressure and injection speed. The technician always ensures that the injection pressure is greater than the actual injection pressure. 

The manager clarified, “The last two important things in our plastic injection molding process is setting the maximal injection speed and holding pressure time. We focus on the surface defects of our products, the injection stages, and the pressure point when the mold is intact to get the maximal injection speed. At the same time, we also find out the maximal weight in a variety of holding times and optimal holding time to get the intended holding pressure time.” Innomolding explains the details on its official website to educate anyone who needs the knowledge. “We have an official website for anyone who wants to learn more about Injection Molding Parameter Set-up.”          

About Innomolding: 

Innomolding is a reputable plastic injection molding manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. The company started its business in 1996 by providing custom plastic injection molding, mold tool making, and many more.