Singer and music writer Wayne Dreadski shared 6 Ways to Make Money with Music as follow:

  • Referring Other Musicians’ Books/Guides – If you have a website to promote your music business or band, you can become an affiliate and make money by referring to traffic coming to your website. By promoting music books or other helpful guides.

  • Music Editing Service – Transcribing music to enhance the original recording, and improve the sound. It is a good idea to start a music business from home. It is enhancing music quality to better recording.

  • Creates an Appreciation App or Music Education app – You can create an app to educate others. It requires coding skills, or you can hire someone to create a new app for you. Your app will educate others and allow music lovers to listen to music within that genre.

  • Re-sell Your Old Instruments Online – If you have unused music instruments, you can sell it to eBay, the biggest auction site or Craigslist, for fast cash. You might cash your old instruments to get a new one.

  • Earn Print Rights for Your Sheet Music – Your music might give you extra cash. If you have a lot of fans and they played your song, you might sell your music in the form of sheet music.

  • Establish a Premium Fan Club – Engage your fans with Premium Fan Club. Sell premium monthly or annual subscription membership. Make your fans worthy of the memberships by providing behind the scenes access and freebies content.

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About Wayne Dreadski

Wayne Dreadski is a viral musician. He has produced some albums and singles, including Travel Addict, Rasta Rockstar, Designer, Favorite Time, and many more. His albums and singles are available on online music providers such as Spotify, Tidal, and Apple music. For more information, please follow the links below.

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