The pleasure of arriving in port, enjoying the views that can only be seen in this way, access solitary and hidden coves, get away from the madding crowd, doing some water sport or just enjoying the sun, the sea and company is always a perfect plan.

Maybe you don’t have a boat, maybe you don’t know how to sail, but that’s not a problem. Rent motor yacht of all kinds of features and sizes, with or without skipper, are available in many more places than you can imagine around the world. So, if you dare, we offer you the best destinations for Nautical maps Greece and relax on the high seas or in those corners that only you can reach.

Following are some of the popular island where you can have fun with Sailing yacht charter Greece:

The Ionian Islands:

From Corfu to Zakynthos, the traveler is seduced by the variety of the landscape especially when viewed from the sea. The Ionian Islands are among the 6,000 most famous islands for their incredible beauty and temperate climate, as well as for their history. With their rugged coastline, towering mountains and crystal-clear waters, the Ionian Islands are the ideal places for a vacation.


Corfu is the northernmost and most popular island of the Ionian Islands, its name is the nymph Kerkyra, daughter of Aesop, whose Zeus fell in love and brought on this island.

Also, it was here that Ulysses stopped before returning to Ithaca. Surrounded by wonderful landscapes and coasts, Corfu also reflects the culture and architectural influences of the many foreign empires that have developed here over the centuries: Roman, Byzantine, Venetian, English, and French. The beaches that you cannot miss are Paleokastritsa, Messonghi, Avlaki, Sidari, Agios Georgios, etc.


Zakynthos is known for its varied coastline, which ranges from steep cliffs on the west coast to the caves to the north and the isolated bays (shipwreck beach) to the south and east. The picturesque beaches of Vassilikos are among the most popular destinations on the island.

Only the mention of the Greek islands makes our minds start to dream. And an unbeatable way to get to know them is by browsing, moving at our own pace and lingering wherever we want.

Discovering Corfu, Rhodes, the Saronic Gulf or the small Cyclades, starting from Athens and enjoying the beauty of an area with more than 300 islands makes renting a Motor boat charter in Greece an irresistible option.