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High bay UFO is a perfect replacement for traditional metal halide HID HPS lamps. Not only do they provide the same or more illumination with less energy, but they also eliminate maintenance costs due to their long life. These UFO LEDs have a life expectancy of at least three times that of HID bulbs. Select fixtures can be used with integrated microwave motion sensors to provide a customized experience and maximize energy savings. Alternatively, you can choose a LED high bay light for food processing applications.
Our new high bay UFO is the latest in LED technology. Our new IP65 waterproof position grade LED UFO high-bay luminaires are smaller, more efficient, and have a longer service life, achieving the required level of illumination at 130 lm / w, while the power ratio of each luminaire is large. Most other LED high bay luminaires are lower.
Light can be dimmed to the desired brightness level to save energy and achieve the exact brightness your application needs.
Bbier UFO High Bay can comes with Aluminum or PC refelector. This LED fixture replaces 300 – 1000w MH , HID or HPS high bay fixtures. The fixture will increase energy savings with Motion Sensor option as well.Bbieroffer 5 years warranty on all High bay UFO lights.