The Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) has taken the world by storm. Under the current restrictions in place, a lot of workforces around the globe are starting to transition to work from home. While almost everyone has brought work home from time to time, they’re discovering that it is a different ballgame when you have to work from home for an extended period. The absence of your colleagues and peers can be very challenging for most people when they work from home because it’s such a big change from what they’re used to. They’re used to being able to turn around and ask a co-worker a question or to collaborate during lunch or meetings and now as they start to work from home, they’re looking for a new way to keep that spirit of collaboration going with their co-workers.

MrOwl is a Social Cloud Storage™ platform that brings together the best of search, social, and the cloud. It can be a powerful tool in helping you to effectively collaborate with your colleagues, associates, clients, no matter where you are located. This can help make your transition to working from home easier.

On MrOwl, users create public or private collections, called “branches,” that are organized with subtopics, links, documents, and all types of media. These collections are great for organizing, interacting, and collaborating. And, users can upload gigabytes of data with just a few clicks from their computer or cloud storage and have it automatically organized into a MrOwl “branch” that is shareable and searchable. Making it simpler than ever for people to connect with others over ideas, projects, and common interests. MrOwl offers free cloud storage* for public content and helps to provide a solution to your digital organizational issues that can help make the transition of working from home easier.

Each topic on MrOwl has whole communities built around them, so you can always discover additional information about the things you’re looking for. Plus, you can simultaneously search your computer, cloud files, and the internet altogether, which helps to create a smooth, easy, and faster experience while working.

The MrOwl community has shared lots of great insight to provide inspiration and ideas while you get used to working from home. MrOwl user Logan James has prepared a MrOwl branch called, Coronavirus – Guide to Working At Home. It covers topics such as how to work from home successfully, how to create a home office, and communication services that you’ll find useful when you work from home. Interestingly, it also has a great snack checklist for you because working from home desperately calls for good quality snacks.

MrOwl user Crystal Montgomery built a branch called How to Work from Home. She lists the advantages, disadvantages and how to plan to combat distractions, time management, and put together a proper home office set-up. When you are working in your home office, it is important to create the best possible atmosphere which can help you stay productive.

Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-Founder of MrOwl said, “MrOwl can help you to effectively collaborate with others when you’re working from home and find inspiration about different ways to help you be successful. Our Social Cloud Storage™ platform is a great place to collaborate and discover content shared in our online community where people regularly come together to discover and share ideas and solutions with the entire MrOwl community.”