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“There may be many flowers in one’s life…but only one rose.”

Through ages, and across cultures and regions, the rose has maintained its position as the crown flower of all flora that exists. The feelings of love, affection, passion and beauty resonate with every one of these blooms that grace the earth. It certainly comes as no surprise then that the rose is also the most popular of bridal flowers. Every wedding venue is decked up in these sweet-smelling blooms, they are used in various rituals and offered to the gods, brides flaunt them with their outfits and they are among the top choices for varmala.
Roses are ideal for Indian wedding garlands because of their unmatched beauty and aroma. Owing to the range of colors available and their light weight, they are also versatile so as to be incorporated into various themes and color palettes of the occasion and you don’t have to fret about them clashing with your outfit.
The red rose is the epitome of love and is almost synonymous with Indian weddings, consequently making it the traditional favorite as a flower garland. Charismatic and bold, the color attracts attention towards the marrying couple and also blends in seamlessly with the wedding trousseau. The slight variations in maroon, dark pink and crimson allow for even more options, along with going for garlands made either of fresh intact blooms or curled up stacks of petals. Red rose garlands maintain their primacy as the quintessential wedding varmala and dominate the marriage scene, the color being vital to traditional bridal attire. Combined with greens and jasmine flowers conventionally and with lighter shades of roses and baby’s breath for a contemporary stylish look, a red rose garland is surely a head-turner.
Lighter colors like the pink and white rose garland spells out chic and classy. The subtle and understated beauty of these florals gives a soft glow to the rest of the attire and lets it shine forth, only gracefully complementing your look. These are immensely popular among modern couples for being elegant and easy on the eyes. They are also the easiest to match with the themes of the decorations and style of dressing. With their pearlescent radiance, these roses are absolutely stellar to be made into a wedding garland that looks super trendy.
There are also yellow and orange roses that just exude effervescence and warmth and are an excellent substitute for marigolds. So if you want to include that vibrant and fun element without going for the generic, opt for these roses instead.While they are preferred for use in pre-wedding functions like the haldi and mehendi ceremonies as they blend right in with the cheerful color palette for these occasions, they will work just as well for a unique varmala.
Roses can be combined with any flowers such as baby’s breath and jasmine, and rose petals are well-suited for fillers. Ornamentations of pearls, colourful beads and rhinestone adornments are also popular if you wish to opt for a more opulent look.Gift yourself some love and look gorgeous with these natural blossoms around your neck.