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A List of these ‘Salient features’ that you start noticing once you make the switch over to WP Engine’s managed WordPress platform.

You know you’re using quality plugins — Because WP Engine curates plugins to make sure their customers don’t use insecure or unscalable plugins, you know you’re using well-developed WordPress plugins.

Knowledgeable expert advice — It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but WordPress has grown into a versatile platform, and when you have questions, it helps to have knowledgeable support folks who can answer your questions very quickly.

A reliable backup mechanism (that even saves you money!) — Since WP Engine takes backups of your site every single day, and allows you to create your own that you can download or send to S3 automatically, you know you always have backups of your files and your content. And since you have their backups, you don’t have to invest money in a separate backup solution

Suddenly you take pride in your hosting company, and do things like put “Finely Tuned” Stickers on your car — It’s fun to look around you life and go, “that should probably be finely tuned as well.” You notice that your car has WP Engine stickers on it, and you take pride in the engine being “finely tuned.

You become a better developer because you finally learned how to use Git Push for version control — Features like Git Push mean that you have more control over your site, and you’re motivated to learn how to use them, which means you become a better designer or developer, which has a positive impact on your business.

You’ve gotten to know some WP Engineers at Meetups — Since WP Engine likes to be as involved as possible in the WordPress Community, it’s easy to get to know WP Engineers when they come to your local Word Camp and meetup. Turns out, they’re as nice (and nerdy) in person as they are online!

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