When it comes to website development, one always gets confused with the domain and website hosting. Moreover, another question also arises whether to get a free hosting or paid one. To remove all your queries, read this article till the end. We will discuss everything about
website hosting and domain . However, the difference between paid and free hosting will also be elaborated.

Domain and Hosting

As a beginner, we are also confused with both, the domain and hosting. It is because both come in the same package. Before moving forward, let me describe the difference. As every person has a name, a house has an address. Likewise, a website has a name known as domain.

Web hosting is something different. Hosting is a server that connects your website with the internet. It is similarly like; it fixes the issues, stores the data and secures your site.

Requirements of Website

When you want to share your ideas and knowledge with the world, the easiest way to share is to develop a website. It is not as difficult as many people think. The two basic things required to start a website are domain name and a good hosting. When you choose a hosting for your website, it also provides a website name or domain name.

There are two types of hosting. Paid and Free Hosting

Free Hosting

Free hosting is a server that gives you a domain name having a combined name of the company. Such as, mywebsite.freehosting.com or welcomehome.freehost.ca. With Free hosting, you are having services from the hosting company but the copy will surely earn from your site. For example, the hosting company will display an add on your site. Moreover, they will place the company name on your site for branding. Free web hosting does not offer any customer services. All the features such as bandwidth, pages, storage, etc. will be limited. However, you can move towards paid hosting as many companies offer up-gradation. Additionally, It is difficult to rank your site with free hosting.

Paid Hosting

Paid hosting is a server that offers all the services with money. The domain name will consist of your selected name only. For example, mywebsite.com or welcomehome.ca. With paid hosting, you will restrict the company to display ads or branding on your site. Moreover, it will offer customer services, technical support, complete security, big storage, and many other features. To grow your website, then you need traffic and rank your site. This can only be attained with paid hosting.

Which hosting is better?

If you want to develop your business with a website such as online store, blogging, etc. then it is better to move towards paid web hosting. It will not be much expensive as you can find a hosting with affordable rates. Rather than facing technical and security risk. However, if you are designing a website for connecting with your friends and family and it is just for fun and enjoyment, then you can move with free hosting.