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Plagiocephaly is also known asflat head syndrome. It is a condition where the skull has an odd or asymmetrical distortion because the skull gets flattened on one side. Plagiocephaly is often a result of being stationary at the supine position for a prolonged time. The most common symptom of plagiocephaly is a flat spot on the back or side of the head.

Plagiocephaly can cause severe effects if left untreated. It can lead to craniosynostosis and other serious complications associated with the skull region. If any of those complications occur, they lead to severe and permanent concussions and seizures. Treating the condition is essential. It is very commonly seen in infants, and quick and immediate responses are necessary for an effective cure to avoid any significant complications.

Plagiocephaly treatments in New Jersey employ different techniques and methods. Non-surgical methods are the most common and preferred form of treatment for this condition. Usually noticed in babies, the disease is curable.

Changing the position of how the baby sleeps can be a great way to treat plagiocephaly. Avoiding the application of pressure on the affected side can helpmanage this condition effectively.

Cranial moldings in New York, also known as corrective helmets, are one of the most popular and preferred treatments of plagiocephaly in babies. With the rising number of businesses providing such helmets in New York, the effectiveness of cranial moldings is being witnessed firsthand by several doctors and medical professionals.

Different exercises recommended by a certified therapist can be a great way to treat the condition.

The Plagio cradle can also be a suitable way to treat the condition in infants aged three months or younger. The cradle placed under the neck of the baby supports its head and creates a hollow space to avoid putting any pressure on the affected area.

Timely attention and quick treatment are essential to cure the condition effectively.

Plagiocephaly treatments in New Jersey are widely available. Parents who are seeking such options for their children can find convenient and reliable solutions for effective treatment.

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