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Manhattan, New York (webnewswire) March 23, 2020 – Cool Works Co., a Manhattan commercial HVAC contractor, recently released a blog educating the public on evaporator coil leaks. Cool Works Co. is a knowledgeable HVAC contractor that has been serving the Manhattan community for over 25 years. Their expertise in heating and cooling systems have allowed them to come pre-prepared to any and all jobs. This saves time for both Cool Works as well as the clients they work alongside, alleviating any stress the client may feel.

A clogged evaporator coil is one of the leading causes for evaporator coil leaks. In order to fix this issue, the coil must be drained of the clog. These clogs happen due to buildup of algae and fungi over time, condensing in the drain line. It is important to regularly clean out your evaporator coil. A common feature of modern AC units is that of an overflow cut-off switch. Once the HVAC unit recognizes its close to overflowing, it will automatically shut off. Having the AC unit unexpectedly shut off during the summer months could pose a problem to businesses. During the summer, conduct cleanings every few months to ensure your unit is working to its top performance.

A quick solution to an evaporator coil leak would be to replace the refrigerant lost. Though this is a temporary fix, it will buy you extra time in order to purchase a replacement coil or shop around for new HVAC units. Another solution is to use a sealant. Sealants work their way through the refrigerant, reaching the origin of the leak. Though this method is cost effective, it only accurately works half of the time. While buying an entirely new coil is going to be the most expensive approach, it will be the best way to save money in the future. Continuously spending money on refrigerant or sealant to only fix the problem fifty percent of the time will eventually add up to be more than an evaporator coil.

If you have experienced an evaporator coil leak or would like more information on the matter and how to combat it, make sure to reach out to Cool Works Co,.. You can contact this premier commercial HVAC contractor by calling (212)-518-6439, or by visiting their website at Their office is located at 511 Ave of the Americas, Manhattan, NY 10011.