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Evidently your wreckers and towing equipment spend countless hours every day keeping everybody else on the road. What happens when your equipment breaks? Crawford Truck is ready to help. They offer fast service to minimize downtime and lost income. If you need tow truck repair or flatbed repair in = or the surrounding area, Crawford Truck is your one stop shop. They offer Jerr Dan Flatbed – Repair and Service of All Makes and Models of Towing Equipment. They service all makes and models of equipment including – but not limited to – the following:

Jerr-Dan Wreckers and Rollbacks
Medium duty tow trucks
Heavy duty tow trucks

Tow Truck and Hydraulic Repair is the speciality of Crawford Truck as they have an in-house hydraulic machine and the ability to make many sizes of lines with numerous different fitting options. In addition to building brand new trucks, they offer repair and maintenance services for existing tow trucks and flatbed. They service light, medium and heavy-duty wreckers, carriers, rotators and other various towing equipment. From malfunctioning lights to control failures and hydraulic issues, they are equipped to handle anything that can be wrong with your tow truck or rollback – whether you bought it from them or not.

Crawford Truck is the premier tow truck dealer on the east coast featuring Jerr-Dan Tow Trucks and tow truck parts for sale. At Crawford Trucks, you can also find thousands of Jerr-Dan parts, accessories and Tow Truck For Sale. Crawford regularly maintains it’s stock to meet timely demands of valued customers.

The wreckers from Jerr-Dan are tough, reliable, and extremely versatile piece of equipment designed to safely and securely tow vehicles from sports cars and pickups to medium- duty trucks. Using advanced aerospace and automotive technologies, Jerr-Dan Delivers a corrosion resistant, stress-free composite body with bonded aluminium substructure. This design minimizes weight, while providing superior fit, finish, and impact resistance when compared to similar steel, aluminium or stainless bodies.

Located at 2176 Main St, Lancaster, MA 01523, Crawford Truck offers new and used Wreckers for sale. They are the authorized BRI-MAR and BWISE Dealer.

About Crawford Truck:

Whether you are towing damaged vehicles, sports cars, or motorcycles, tow trucks at Crawford Truck allows you to experience the superior performance and uncompromising standards of the industry’s toughest, most reliable wreckers. Crawford Truck stocks thousands of Jerr-Dan parts and accessories to meet customer’s timely demands. They repair all makes and models of towing equipment. Know More About Jerr Dan Flatbed Please Visit Our Website: