Vasilis Milionis is a Greek investor, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is currently working in the property, tourism, and investing sector.

The Coronavirus storm has not yet passed. All parts of the country are struggling to suppress the rising rates of coronavirus patients, and some countries are implementing lockdowns to break the spread of this dangerous virus. Vassilis Milionis, greek entrepreneur, and investor states, “Although most shares have declined, for the short term trading, investors can still take positions for certain shares, for example in the fields of health and technology.” He added, “Investors need to be careful of stock movements that are very aggressive, rather difficult to guess. And remind always to limit losses for each trading that is done, so that large losses can be anticipated.”

Vasilis Milionis is one of the successful businessmen from Greece. His experience in property and investment made him become one of the role models of successful entrepreneurs in Greece. He is currently doing some property business and tourism projects. Coronavirus outbreak has a significant impact on the property and tourism business., including the business that is being run by Mr.Milionis. Mr.Milionis advises property business owners to prepare for a downturn in the market whilst keeping everybody safe during the coronavirus outbreak. He added that there would be an inevitable decline in property sales and also in the market as the market prepares to face an unprecedented situation.

Vasilis Milionis advises, “Now, the most important thing is safety for healthy people. By doing government advice, people have helped reduce the spread of the virus. People can do, such as maintaining social distance, self-isolation, and washing hands properly. This is what people need to listen to right now.” He ensures that in the next few months, the market will recover soon as the corona outbreak decreases. He added people also must maintain their health and stamina by consuming enough nutritious food and multivitamins.

About Vasilis Milionis

Vasilis Milionis is a Greek businessman & entrepreneur who is concerned about the impact of the coronavirus storm on business, property, and investment. He acknowledged that there had been a decline in property and other business sectors. He advised the public to calm down and not panic, facing the situation that has never happened before. The investment sector is still Mr.Milionis’s business choice, as long as there are some stocks that show positive numbers for investing.