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Australia/New Zealand: UV lamp & UV light torch are great tools for seeing and observing things that are normally invisible. PCTE Industrial, well-known INDT equipment branch of PCTE, offers high quality UV lamp and UV light torch that enable seeing things that are difficult to see through naked eyes.

PCTE Industrial’s UV lamps and UV light torch are spectacularly effective in a dark room. They are also quite effective in faint lights. PCTE Industrial offers the following range of UV lamps and UV light torch:

C4 Nomad and C4 Nomad Go: It comes with four high flux-UV LED emitters that have a built-in static electric discharge circuit to allow the lamp to work in all environments, regardless of ambient conditions.

C4 Magnum and C4 Magnum Pro: The REL LED C4 Magnum and Magnum-GO integrators have characteristics similar to those of the Nomad, but they work on mains power. The Magnum is purely a UV lamp while the Magnum-Go incorporates a white light source. The cable length of light guide is 4.8 m.

Profusion: The Glo-Black Profusion LED UV-A inspection lamp modules mounted on the REL stand use the latest high-performance and safe LED technology. The Profusion is an expandable modular solution for inspection and ambient lighting.

PCTE Industrial’s UV lamp & UV light torch can be used for various applications, but it is found that the ultraviolet light torch and lamp are the most useful when used in situations where ease of use and portability are important. These torchlights and lamps are not strong enough to induce physical or chemical reactions, but they can easily observe the effects of fluorescence.

PCTE Industrial offers a range of INDT equipment that covers bread and butter applications, but also adds exciting technology. Their range covers devices for Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Eddy Current (ET), Magnetic Particle (MT), Dye Penetrant (DT) and Visual Testing (VT).

Get an extensive range of UV lamp and UV light torch options available at PCTE Industrial. Visit their website for more details.