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verall I was not impressed with replica jimmy choo men trainers-women sample sales. The sale is available at 123 West 18th St. in the Metropolitan Pavilion. If not, look for an incredibly long line on the sidewalk.

In this sale, there were tons of shoes. As I walked, I was shocked by the amount of goods. All shoes were organized by size. Each size in the range of 34.5-41 had its own section of rack / table full of shoes. Women’s prices start at $ 200, add to $ 375, and add $ 200 for exotics. There were plenty of pumps and wedges, but sadly there were not many boots / booties, sneakers, or flats. The sneaker selection they had was quite overwhelming and the flats were not great either. But there were some hot bootie pairs! In addition, there were a lot of sandals, which is very disappointing because it was almost in November. But for all your snow birds, this sale is the perfect place to prepare your winter shoe robe. In addition to all shoes, there are a variety of bags, from clutch bags to large tote bags, which are selling fast! The men’s section was decent and all shoes cost $ 150. Why are women’s shoes so priceless?

Overall, I rated this sale 6.5 / 10. There were about billions of shoes, but many of them were outdated and just right. Pricing was fine, but not surprising, and the lines were ridiculously long. Let’s go if you’re a big fan of cheap Jimmy Choo shoes , but don’t expect to be surprised at anything.